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Unfortunately, mental and emotional problems often underlie criminal behavior. This can be especially true for juvenile offenders who come from broken homes, absentee fathers, drug-addicted or incarcerated parents, or other circumstances that create stress, instability, lack of supervision, and self-esteem problems. 

McDaniel Law Group is sensitive to the needs of those who fall into criminal activity partially or wholly because of duress they face from mental and emotional health issues. We strive to find practical solutions to this problem when representing people with difficult circumstances, whether through family crisis intervention, community mental health services, or diversion programs instead of jail time. These practical solutions focus on rehabilitation, counseling, educational help, or other assistance. 

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Mental Health Issues in Criminal Law

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, more than half of state inmates and 64 percent of jail inmates have or have had mental health problems. This organization further notes that almost 3,000 crisis intervention teams serve 46 states. These are teams where law enforcement and mental health professionals collaborate on criminal cases. 

Furthermore, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has reported that more than half of individuals incarcerated in our country suffer from mental health problems. These inmates have a higher percentage of prior convictions and face longer sentences than those without such issues. Their likelihood of being involved in further criminal behavior is also higher unless they get treatment. 

Using specific resources and alternatives can help address this problem and is what McDaniel Law Group strives to provide. 

  • Crisis intervention. This approach utilizes law enforcement, legal professionals, and mental health providers partnering to identify and assist in situations where mental health issues have created a crisis. This can include training police officers to identify such problems when responding to calls and pre-arrest interventions that can be used as alternatives to arrest. 
  • Diversion programs. These can be sought by defense attorneys when dealing with both adults and juveniles. These programs, such as drug courts, provide defendants with treatment, education, or counseling as opposed to punishment. Drug diversion programs are common avenues in criminal law to address problems such as drug addiction. 
  • Mental health courts. These are courts that also provide treatment for defendants through community-based services. 14 counties in Texas currently have mental health court programs. These courts offer mental health services while still holding defendants accountable. If the defendant completes their court-supervised program, they may avoid a permanent criminal record. 

If you need more information about how mental health issues can intersect with your adult or juvenile case, please do not hesitate to contact McDaniel Law Group. Our team is here to help. 

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  • Did an excellent job getting my son a very reasonable sentence.

    Did an excellent job getting my son a very reasonable sentence.

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